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Data & Analytics

We illustrate the route to informed decisions and measurable growth from raw data to effective plans. Our core capabilities of managing and analyzing data improve business outcomes.

Key features:

ROI Calculation
Conversion Report
Data Manipulation

What Sets Us Apart

We stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends in analytics. Not only this, we commence for data governance and cleanliness and produce a high conversion rate for your business.

ROI Calculation

Measuring Return on investment has become a crucial need for enterprises as it tells how well the company is managed. We work to meet the company’s objectives rather than lose and profit.

Conversion Report

A conversion report is the most helpful business report that shows the complete information on how well your site is performing. Track user action, product sale, overall traffic and much more with DevRaulic.

Data Manipulation

Make your data more readable and organized by data manipulation techniques. DevRaulic cleans the data and preprocesses it for different purposes such as web scrapping, content aggregation, and sentiment analysis.

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